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From the wheel to the metaverse, the story of technology and how things work 

Do you understand how the internet works and why vaccines save lives? Have you ever wondered how the wheel was invented or who created the first video game? Are you aware that fossil fuels not only power cars and planes, but are also used to generate the electricity that powers almost everything else? What do you know about alternative energy sources? Would you like to learn more about robotic surgery, vertical farming or gene therapy? Then #TECHNOLOGY is the book for you!

We are living in a Golden Age of technology where the speed and scope of discovery and invention are transforming our lives in extraordinary ways. It has never been more important to understand how things work and why technology is the key to a fair and sustainable future.    

Clear & concise The ultimate visual guide


Written by Marcus Johnson    Illustrated by John Devolle


Hardcover,  80 pages, 330 x 270 mm